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5 Element Essential Oils – Apply Chinese Medicine Energetics to Essential Oils with Seymour Koblin

Practical application using the 5 Elements to determine the best SOHA 5 Element Oil Blends to use on yourself and others. Instead of symptomatic usage of essential oil, all participants will learn to customize essential oils according to individual needs.  Temperature, Organ/Meridian Physical and Psychological effects and Placement of oils are a few of the important skills to be learned.

Other details:  5 Element Essential Oils Set of 5 is available, if interested, for an additional $75 when purchasing this workshop. Seymour will bring purchased sets with him to workshop or participants can purchase on website.  Additional Essential Oils can be purchased from Upon completion of the training, participants will be qualified to sell the oil blends.

A certificate as an iSOHA  5 Element Essential Oils Practitioner will be issued to those who finish this course and pass an oral exam/questionnaire with Seymour

Investment: $200 for individual workshop or
$950 for all five of Seymour’s workshops during the week of Oct 1 thru Oct 6th, 2019

Wednesday October 2, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location :
Gladstone, MO (Refer to purchase confirmation email for exact location.)

About Seymour Koblin: Seymour Koblin is the founder of the School of Healing Arts in San Diego. He has been presenting classes and workshops in Zen-Touch and Shiatsu and Eastern Healing since 1984. Humor, intuition and a modern day perspective to traditional Holistic Health practices make his presentations an inspiring experience. Seymour Koblin-NCCAOM Diplomate ABT, HHP:

After a near death experience, in a Toronto Hospital 1n 1977, Seymour Koblin started his journey to becoming a Holistic Health practitioner and educator. His education began by studying Tai Chi, Chi/Nei Kung and Taoist meditation in 1978 in New York City with Master C.K Chu.

He continued Shiatsu studies with Wataru Ohashi who encouraged Seymour to develop his own Shiatsu style that is now known and used internationally as Zen-Touch. Macrobiotic studies with Michio Kushi, Shizuko Yamamoto and Chinese Medicine with a variety of teachers followed.

He moved to San Diego in 1987 when he began his role as a practitioner/ instructor and the eventual director and founder of the International School of Healing Arts. Seymour is the creator of Zen-Touch, a health balancing system that incorporates traditional Asian philosophy and healing methods into a flowing system of bodywork, and assessment/recommendation counseling. Known for his uncanny ability to intuitively understand a person’s most relevant life issues, he guides people to integrate their health with the cycles of nature. Exercise (based on Tai Chi), Nutrition, Herbs Communication, E-motions and Way of Life Recommendations are included in his work.

Seymour is the author of 7 books on various aspects of Holistic Health (Shiatsu, Nutrition, Herbs, Home remedies, Vision Training, East West Essential Oils ) the creator of Zen-Touch and Nutri-Journey and the founding director of the International School of Healing Arts. He is well known for his intuitive, nurturing and lighthearted approach to healing.

As an educator Seymour creates an interactive environment where participants experience many different facets of themselves through humor, movement, music, touch, intuition, art and poetry.

Seymour Koblin: HHP, Nationally Certified Diplomate of ABT NCCAOM, Certified Instructor AOBTA has been practicing and teaching Holistic Health since 1978. His teachers include Aveline and Michio Kushi, Shizuko Yamamoto, Herman Aihara, Bill Tara, Wataru Ohashi, and Master C.K. Chu. His ability to demystify Eastern philosophies and present them in an entertaining- easy to understand way makes him a highly appreciated facilitator of the Healing Arts. Because of the experiential nature of his workshops, participants are usually amazed at the insights they have learned and embodied after attending any of his inspirational classes. Always incorporating, modern day and hands-on application examples, music, movement and humor, Seymour’s classes are events that will be long remembered and treasured. Seymour is the Author of Food for Life, The Art of Zen-Touch and Shaping Our Destiny.