Christy Marsh is a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and a Reiki Master dedicated to treating the whole person.  Using a “bio-individual” approach she’s able to assess the unique needs of each individual.  Christy is highly trained and educated to offer a whole regime of foods and herbs, energy work, body reading, and lifestyle-fitness solutions that work!

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Christy brings a positive spirit and light-hearted approach to the work she does; combining practical western modalities and a holistic attitude to whole body healing. Christy was trained in San Diego and had a practice in La Jolla for nearly ten years before returning to her native mid-west where she now resides. She lectures nationally on the benefits of healing within.

Through her various, individualized, methods of treatment, Christy has used “Holistic Guidance” to treat everything from lifestyle changes, to excessive weight problems, to depression, to chronic pain and suffering, while producing  permanent life-changing, breakthrough results!

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