Reiki Training

The world needs more love and light right now. If you're interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner, the best time to start is now! Christy is a Reiki Master, which enables her to train aspiring Reiki practitioners in the Usui tradition of natural healing. Reiki training can take place in a small group setting or, if you wish for a more intimate training experience, Christy can do one-on-one training with you. 

Reiki training has multiple levels. At the end of your Reiki training, you'll receive an attunement, which passes on the Reiki level one enables the practitioner to practice Reiki for self-healing. Reiki level one is appropriate for students who wish to heal their physical and emotional bodies. Reiki level one is good for trauma, heartache, grief, and physical illness.

For students wishing to pursue Reiki level one training, the "Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art" book makes a great addition to the training, but is not required. After Reiki level one, you may want to have a set of Medicine Cards of your own, which you can use to discover your totem animals and use during daily meditation. 

Reiki level two enables the practitioner to practice Reiki for healing others and distance healing. Reiki level two is appropriate for students who wish to have a Reiki practice where they can see patients in a private setting or for Reiki practitioners who wish to do heal others from afar. It's not uncommon for people to pursue Reiki training when someone in their life is experiencing an illness, such as cancer.

For students wishing to pursue Reiki level two training, prepare to have an open heart. We'll spend two days focusing on forgiveness and using Reiki energy to heal others. For Reiki level two training, a couple of books come in handy: 

"Radical Forgiveness" and "A Return to Love" can help you prepare your heart for what's to come. Books are not required reading, but recommendations to help you get the most out of the experience. 

Reiki level three is also known as Reiki Master training. Reiki level three allows the Reiki practitioner to train other Reiki practitioners and pass along the sacred practice of Reiki.  

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